Cast Iron Accumulation Disc Set of 5


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In the traditional connection of the fireplace a large part of the energy is taken away with flue gas outside the chimney. One way to reduce the temperature of the flue gas and thus increase the efficiency of the fireplace is to use an accumulation disk that can recover up to 30% of the heat escaping heat.

Accumulating discs force the spiral path of exhaust gases, thus extending their path and taking away heat from them. Thanks to densely distributed radiators, they provide a good heat exchange with the air flowing through them. Ultimately, more heat is used to heat the rooms. This increases the thermal efficiency of the heating system.

The rings are made of cast iron, which is characterized by strong accumulation properties and heat conduction. They are mounted on fireplace inserts, with the help of specially designed brackets. Protection against possible shifting of the discs is their weight (21 kg / disc), which ensures sealing of airflow channels and a special groove system. The number of discs depends on the planned characteristics of the furnace.

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