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Price is per box (0.87 meters in a box).

Weight 27.2kg per box.

Comes in panels. Each box has a mixture of three lengths.

Panels dimensions:

1. 90mm (H) x 190mm (L) x 20mm (D)

2. 90mm (H) x 250mm (L) x 20mm (D)

3. 90mm (H) x 440mm (L) x 20mm (D)


Instruction of decorative tiles installation

  1. The tiles can not be stored outside. Storage has to be warm and dry.
  2. As the tiles are handmade, they may have a different tint. To obtain a desirable pattern and composition, first unpack several boxes and lay out the tiles on the ground. Only then the actual tiling should start.
  3. The installation surface must be dry, clean and firm. If the surface is smooth, it must be ruffled with a wire brush. The tiling has to start from the bottom. The tile should be covered with adhesive in such way, that adhesive would come out at the edges, when the tile is pressed to the wall. An extra adhesive should be removed with a filling knife.
  4. Use an angle grinder with a special disk for cutting of tiles to the required size. The tiles shall be installed without spaces. Tiles shall be placed in such way that vertical joints would not match.
  5. Fully flexible frost and heat resistant adhesive shall be used for installation of tiles.
  6. The tiles may get soiled during an installation. Clean them with a small brush.
  7. Surfaces with new tiles installed shall be protected against rain until adhesive is completely dry.
  8. Tiles shall not be installed, when air temperature is below +5°C and/ or when it is raining.
  9. Permissible deviation of the tile is 3 mm.


The artificial stone – it is easy to install and does not require special knowledge or professionals.With respect to the market perspectives and increasing demand of high quality finishing materials, “Stonelita” started production of decorative stone in 2006. Thanks to a high quality materials used in the production process, decorative stone does not differ from natural stone created by nature. Our production is made by high-skilled workers, using the best materials to accurately replicate natural stone shape and colour, offering the submission of new qualities, such as: lightness, weather resistance and durability. Our products could be not only applied to the standard surfaces, but could also increase an insulation structures.

Our decorative stone is made of white “Aalborg Portland” cement (CEM I 52,5 R), used pigments are “Bayer” and other high quality chemicals. Our product can withstand 200 cycles. Products temperature resistance is from -40°C up to +90°C degrees.

Our decorative stone will make your dreams come true.

  1. Even the smallest fragment decorated with a stone will render a unique beauty and cosiness to your home.
  2. The decorative stone can be used not only for finishing of the new buildings, but also for reconstruction of the old ones.
  3. An installation of decorative stone is simple and does not require a special knowledge.
  4. The variety of surface finishes and colours allows using the artificial stone for interior and exterior works.
  5. The decorative stone is used for facades, foundations, pillars, fire-places and etc.
  6. An artificial path slab will perfectly decorate the yard or lawn. The path will merge with the view of lawn or the flower garden (Magma, Rutila).
  7. The main advantage of decorative stone is the durability and resistance to adverse climate conditions.
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