Membrane Safety Valve 2.5 Bar


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Diaphragm safety valves are used to protect water, steam and compressed air systems from excessive pressure.

The design and parameters allow to use them in typical heat exchanger nodes on the c.o. And c.w.u.

Valves are also used in boiler systems, heat exchangers and compressed air systems.

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1 m, 1 Watts, 1/2 Watts, 10 Plates, 11cm x 11cm, 11cm x 17cm, 11cm x 24cm, 11cm x 32cm, 11cm x 42cm, 15 Plates, 15L, 17cm x 17cm, 17cm x 17cm Blind, 17cm x 30cm, 17cm x 30cm Blind, 17cm x 37cm, 17cm x 37cm Blind, 17cm x 49cm, 17cm x 49cm Blind, 18kw, 18L, 1m, 20 Plates, 22cm x 22cm, 22cm x 22cm Blind, 22cm x 30cm, 22cm x 30cm Blind, 22cm x 37cm, 22cm x 37cm Blind, 22cm x 45cm, 22cm x 45cm Blind, 24”x24” With 2” Riser, 24kw, 30 Plates, 30kw, 36"x36" with 3" Riser, 36”x24” with 3” Riser, 36”x29” with 3” Riser, 38kw, 40 Plates, 48kw, 5''130mm, 5''130mm Black, 50cm, 54" x 18", 54" x 20", 54”x18” With 2” Riser, 54”x24” With 2” Riser, 54”x24” with 3” Riser, 54”x29” with 3” Riser, 6''150mm, 6''150mm Black, 60”x18” With 2” Riser, 60”x24” with 3” Riser, 60”x24″ With 2” Riser, 60”x29” with 3” Riser, 60mm x 547mm x 766mm, 60mm x 766mm x 547mm, 6cm x 100cm, 6cm x 40cm, 6cm x 56cm x 56cm, 6cm x 60cm, 6cm x 80cm, 7''180mm, 7''180mm Black, 8''200mm, 8''200mm Black, 90mm x 547mm x 766mm, 90mm x 766mm x 547mm, 9cm x 100cm, 9cm x 40cm, 9cm x 56cm x 56cm, 9cm x 60cm, 9cm x 80cm