Microprocessor Fireplace Controller MSK


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MSK set the throttle fi 100 is a modern fireplace controller with a screen that can be used for all contributions of air and water jacket. Its purpose is to allow cool air (for combustion) from outside directly into the combustion chamber in such a way as to be maximally effective.
Thanks to its application you can save up to 30% of the wood and after two months of use the money you spent on this product will be reimbursed.

Driver Features:
– control of two pumps as well as one independent adjustable device, e.g. a turbine or lighting
– control turbine fireplace
– precise dosage of air for combustion
– overheating protection
– cutting off the air supply in case of power failure
– acoustic warning

the composition of this kit includes :
– microprocessor controller
– temperature sensor with silicone cable with a length of 2 meter
– throttle servo

The damper is equipped with a special seal, which allows exclusion of air (combustion) from outside is complete.
After the expiry of heat in the cartridge controller automatically shuts off the flow of cold air from the outside, so there is no immediate cooling of hearth and home.

NOTE : fireplaces version of cast iron the sensor can not be located on the cartridge,because under the influence of temperature may melt. Control of furnace oil or gas in a fireplace automatically. If you begin to burn in the fireplace automatically control of furnace oil or gas will record an increase in temperature in the house, and thus will not activate furnace oil or gas to the point where we will continue to burn in the fireplace. At night, when he will be ended with the wood in the fireplace and the temperature starts to drop, it automatically switches on furnace oil or gas. There is no need to call the driver fireplace controlled furnace oil or gas ..

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