Rakoczy Popter GS 18kw, 24kw, 30kw, 38kw, 48kw


• Burns Firewood, Coal, Turf and Peat Briquettes
• Large capacity fire chamber
• Large charging door
• Compact dimensions
• Easy to clean
• Adjustable door
• Mechanical grate poker
• 6mm Steel plate construction
• 50 Month Warranty

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Popter eco G/GS

The Popter ECO boiler is ideally suited for multi-Fuel use such as coal, peat, turf and wood. These boilers are very easy to use and clean. They are available in two versions: G & GS. The G version comes with a mechanical draft controller that regulates the air supply into the combustion chamber.
The GS version is fully automatic, featuring the ST-72 controller, with the ZPID feature which means that the fan is automatically regulated ensuring the boiler burns efficiently at all times regardless of fuel type or moisture content. This allows for easier start-up, increased efficiency and extended combustion time.
The difference between the G & the GS boiler is the how the air is supplied to the unit for combustion. Both boilers are capable of maintaining a constant water temperature, and controlled central heating and hot water pumps. They also feature an upper combustion chamber where secondary heat exchange occurs by burning out the flue gases before they escape. Both boilers come with large combustion chamber, water cooled grate and mechanical riddler grate.

Prices for Popter G

• 18kW – €1640* inc VAT
• 24kW – €1770* inc VAT
• 30kW – €1880* inc VAT
• 38kW – €2260* inc VAT
• 48kW – €2740* inc VAT

Prices for Popter GS

• 18kW – €1970* inc VAT
• 24kW – €2100* inc VAT
• 30kW – €2220* inc VAT
• 38kW – €2570* inc VAT
• 48kW – €3050* inc VAT


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