STROPUVA Domestic Solid Fuel Boiler

  • Unceasing combustion – with wood up to 30 hours, briquettes up to 4 days, coal up to 7 days.
  • Long lasting – Solid fuel boilers operating about 15 years.
  • Economy – about 86,8% in all modes
  • Boiler operates safely – awarded with CE certificate.
  • fuel-efficient – operating in maximum and minimum power output.
  • Compact – takes little space in boiler room.
  • Fuel: wood, wood- pellets, peat, sawdust briquettes, wood waste, coal.

Download Stropuva Manual here.

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PricePlease ask.€1,200€1,845€1,995
Power (kW)7102040
Heated area (m2)20-8050-100100-250200-450
Fuel capacity (dm3)150200350500
Amount of firewood (kg)15255080
Length of firewood (cm)30-3530-3535-4545-55
Water amount in the boiler (l)26344558
Water temperature in the boiler (°C)70707070
Coefficient of useful operation (%)91,691,691,691,6
Flow of heated water (m3/h)0,20,250,51
Dimension of load opening (mm)250x210250x210260x220280x240
Height (mm)125019001900/21001900/2100
Diameter (mm)450450560680
Mass (kg)100185231315

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