Thermal Safety Valve


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Safety valve STS 20 S WATTS 3/4 95 ° C is a thermostatic valve that protects all types of boilers and water-jacketed fireplaces using solid fuels (carbon, wood, coke), prior to boiling water. CO system, e.g when no electricity supply.


Thermal drainage protection is required for variable boilers and solid fuel heating systems. Drainage protection type STS20S is a pressure independent valve, which activates the temperature of the medium at the outlet of the heat source. At the temperature of 97 ° C (+/-) 2 ° C the DHW outlet from the heater is opened. In this way the valve prevents the temperature rise above 110 ° C (maximum opening).

Technical data

Min. Operating temperature: -10 ° C
Min. Opening temperature: 97 ° C
Maximum operating temperature: 110 ° C
Operational hypertension: 10 bar
Maximum flow: 6.5 m3 / h

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