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500mm black pipe zoom


500mm black pipe
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1000mm Black pipe


  • Product Type: Chimney                          5” (130mm)  – €50
  • Country of origin: Poland                       6” (150mm)  –  €50
  • Type: Flue                                                7” (180mm)  –  €55
  • Material: Steel                                         8” (200mm)  –  €60
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer: Darco

500mm Black pipe

Connections between the elements of the chimney must be sealed with a heat-resistant to 1200 [° C] sealant
Made of Steel-type DC01, thickness-2mm-painted “Senotherm” heat-resistant paint

Used in ovens, fireplaces, etc., solid fuel devices to connect to a chimney system
Short-term maximum working temperature: 1000[ºC]
Maximum continous working temperature: 600[ºC]

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