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The microprocessor pump controller is a device that continuously monitors the temperature in the water jacket of the fireplace and, based on the set parameters, controls the two outputs to which the circulation pump CO and the valve are connected. Each output is set to temperature and hysteresis. These parameters determine the switch point of the output state. In the case of the CO pump output, it is switched on when the temperature exceeds the set temperature plus hysteresis.
The shutdown occurs when the temperature drops below – setpoint minus hysteresis – and an additional waiting time of 30 minutes. At the same time, the controller goes to sleep. For the second output is similar, the switch off immediately after the temperature down – temperature setpoint minus hysteresis. In addition to the basic functions, the controller additionally informs you that the alarm temperature has been exceeded, protects the frost protection automatically by turning on the CO pump when the measured temperature falls below 4 ° C and automatically wakes up when the liquid temperature increases.

Technical data:
Power supply – 230V AC
Power consumption (controller without external devices) -2.3 VA
Total output capacity 2 x 230 V AC – 300 VA continuous operation
Working temperature – 5oC – 40oC
Humidity – 20% 80% RH
Temperature control range – 30oC – 95oC

Temperature sensor – PT-100 with silicone cable (cable operating temperature -60oC – 180oC short-term 220oC)

Controlling the oil or gas stove in a fireplace arrangement is automatic. If we start to burn in the fireplace, the automatic control of the oil or gas furnace will increase the temperature of the home and consequently the oil or gas stove will not turn on until we stop burning in the fireplace. At night, when the wood ends in the fireplace and the temperature goes down, the oil or gas stove will automatically switch on. There is no need to connect the fireplace controller with the control of the oil or gas furnace.

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