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Heat-resistant insulation boards are designed for thermal insulation of the walls of the built-in fireplace and, at the same time, can serve as its enclosure. Their properties make them very easy to assemble. Just have the simplest carpentry tools, such as wood ball, high temperature glue and screws, to properly cut and connect to each other. Plates are non-flammable and dust-free. From the inner side of the plate are subjected to high temperatures, while the outside remains at a safe human temperature.

The plates are sold in packages of 5 pieces. The cost of transportation is calculated for every 5 units. When ordering a minimum of 4 parcels, the transport takes place on a pallet.

Product characteristics:

Colour: White
Odor: odorless
Fire classification: A1 – non-flammable
Maximum operating temperature: 950 ° C
Density: 245 kg / m3
Dimensions: 1000 x 500 x 30mm

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